A) Ministry of Agriculture and Water
  1. Riyadh Water Treatment & Dist.System- Third Stage.Part One New Area, Part Six.
  2. Extension of Riyadh Dist. System Stage Two Part 3
  3. Extension of Riy adh Water Supply – Riyadh East – West
  4. Extension of Riyadh Water Supply – Riyadh Scattered Line
  5. Riyadh Scattered lines and house connection.
  6. Riyadh East. West. South, North Areas.
  7. Neighbouring and surrounding villages
  8. Dawadmi Dist. System
  9. Jeddah Water Supply & Dist. System. Third Stage, Parts 1,2,&3.
  10. Jeddah Water Supply & Dist. System, Fifth Stage, Part 2.
  11. Jeddah Water Supply & Dist. System, Six Stage, Part 1.
  12. Creek and Relocation of Khylais Lines.
  13. Extension of Jeddah Water Supply, Seven Stage, Parts 2, 3 & 4.
  14. Supply of Maintenance Materials for Jeddah Water Works.
  15. Jeddah Scattered lines No.2.

B) Ministry of Defense and Aviation:
  1. SSSP Projects
  2. ABF Projects
  3. Al Bayadh Air Base Project in Al-Kharj.
  4. Peace Shield Projects.
  5. King Abdul Aziz Military Academy in Tabouk KAMA.
  6. King Khalid Military city in Riyadh KKMAC.
  7. Royal Saudi Air Force Project.
  8. ISF Housing Project.
  9. Military Factory Housing Project.
  10. Al Yamamah Project.
  11. UPVC pipes and fittings for MODA Projects in Different Areas Through out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
C) Ministry of P.T.T. and Saudi Telephone:
  1. uPVC Conduits and cable duct for the Telephone System Through out the Kingdom.
  2. uPVC cable duct for P.T.T project Tep.6


D) Sewage and Water Authority:
  1. uPVC pipes in different projects in Central & Eastern Province.
  2. Perforated uPVC pipes for Lowering of underground water table in variousareas of Kingdom.
E) Royal Jubail Commission and Yanbu:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings hadeed and petrokemya, Housing Project, Olifins plant and most project in Jubail and Yanbu.
F) Civil Aviation and International Airport Authority:
  1. King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah (KAIA).
  2. King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh (KKIA).
  3. King Fahad International Airport in Dammam ( KFIA).
  4. Airport in Arar, Tabouk, Qassim & Al Madina Al Munawary.
G) ARAMCO Projects:
  1. uPVC pipes for Aramco Projects in Easter n Region & Hotat Bani Tamim.
H) Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals:
  1. Petromin Head office project in Riyadh.
  2. Mahad Al Dahad Project.
  3. Different projects in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.
I) Ministry of Education:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for water distribution system & sewage for schools and colleges projects through out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
J) Ministry of Higher Education:
  1. King Abdul Aziz University project in Jeddah ( KAAU).
  2. Immam University project in Riyadh.
  3. Petroleum and Mineral University Project in Dammam.
K) Directorate of Girls Education:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for School and Colleges projects through out the Kingdom.
L) Saudi Arabian National Guard:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings National Guard Housing Project in Derab, Al Khasm Alaan. Jeddah, Dammam.
M) Ministry of Commerce:
  1. uPVC pipes and Fittings for Green Silos project in Riyadh, Tabouk Jeddah.
N) Parts Authority:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for King Abdul Aziz Port project in Jeddah.
  2. uPVC pipes and fiftings for Dammam Sea Port.
O) Presidency of Youth Welfare:
  1. uPVC pipes for King Fahad Stadium project in Riyadh.
  2. uPVC pipes and fittings for Prince Jalawi Sports City Project in Dammam.
  3. uPVC pipes and fittings for AlShahab Club Stadium in Riy adh.
  4. uPVC pipes and fittings for Sports Club Projects through out the Kingdom.
P) Riyadh Development Authority:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for Diplomatic Quarters Project in Riyadh.
  2. Kasr M Hokom project in Riyadh.
Q) Ministry of Communication:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for Riyadh, and Al Qassim Ring Road.
  2. Riyadh Al Qassim Express way project.
  3. Riyadh Al-Dammam Express way project.
R) Ministry of Industry :
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for II nd Phase III rd for Industrial Estate in Riyadh Project.
  2. uPVC pipes and fittings for Industrial Estate in Jeddah, Dammam and Al Qassim.
S) Ministry of Health:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for 5 Hospitals project and other Hospitals in various areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
T) Saline Water Conversion Corporation:
  1. uPVC pipes and fittings for projects in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Makah, Al-Qassim and Yanbu.
  2. uPVC pipes for Rabeg sailing water station project. Jeddah Soiling water station project.
U) Ministry of Pilgrimage & Endowments :
  1. Al Haram Extension projects.
  2. Madina Al-Muawara Haram extension.
  3. Also Nepro uPVC pipes and fittings have been supplied to different Ag ricultural Companies such as Hadco,Tadco, Nadec, and other Ministries project.
U) Export Activities:
  1. High quality of Nepro products had been approved and exported to all G.C.C.countries, Middle East, African Countries and Europe.
V) Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs:
  1. uPVC pipes for Sewage and Drainage Projects.
  2. uPVC pipes for Street and High Way, Lighting.
X) Contractors:
  • Bin Laden Org. (ISF Housing Project, Military Factory Housing Project. Ext. of theHaram in Makkah and Madinah, Wadi Dawaser Airport). Eastern Province,AlKharj.
  • Technical Bidding ( Several Projects for Water Supply in Eastern Province), CWC,Al Dirbas,Nesma & Al Fadle and C.C.C.
  • Al Marafik Co. ( Al Kharj Sewage Project)
  • SAE (Qatif Housing Project- National Guard Housing Project ,Jeddah )
  • Al Reda Co., (Several Projects for Water Supply in Eastern Province )
  • Al Henaki, Civil Works Co., Khaled Bin H.Dossary, Imad East., Petrola, SaudiCondreco, Sartelco, Hyundai, SamWhan, Dong Ah, Daelem, Sam Ho, SaudiConstruction, MAC, Al Muhaidib, Al Traiki, Kamco, A.A.Al Dossary etc.
  • ABV Rock Group,Salco, Nesco, Middle East Agriculture, Saad Construction,Rabya, Hadeed Housing Project – Jubail, Petrokemya Housing Project and Oilfins Plant – Jubail, Gas Housing Project – Juabail, Dumez Makkah Road Project-Riyadh
  • Arkan,Rakan, Al Khunaini, A.R.Al Dossary, Enpac, Salco, Nasser Al Hajery, Al Khodari, JGC (Japan), Technip (Italy),Techint, BMC, Al Mabani, Oasis,Al Husaini, Fafco, Shade Corp., Saudi Weimer, Middle East Co., Green Top,Azmeel, Al-Yamama Co., Al Bawani.

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