• PVC pipes from 16 – 710mm OD are manufactured in different classes suitable for 2, 4, 6, 10 & 16 Bar working pressure according to SASO 14 & 15/1996, DIN 8061, 8062, & 19532, Pr EN 1401, & Pr EN 1452-2, and ISO 4422, These pipes can be produced in different colors such as Gray, Orange, Black, White & Blue Etc… ).
  • PVC pipes from 1/2 inch up to 8 inches diameter according to ASTM D-1784, 1785. SCH 40 & 80.
  • PVC pipe sizes from 1/2 inch up to 8 inches diameter in different classes (B,C,D & E) according to BS 3505 & 3506.
  • PVC pipe according to NEMA standard TC-2, TC-6 and TC-8.
  • PVC Perforated pipe for underground de-watering.
  • PVC water well casing and screen according to DIN 4925 part I, II, and III standards
  • CPVC FlowGuard pipes sizes from ½ inch up to 8 inch for Sch80 according to ASTM F441
  • HDPE pipes from 20mm to 400mm OD are manufactured according to DIN 8074 and DIN EN 12201-2 standards


NAMAT Fittings


  • NAMAT PVC Sch40 and Sch80 fittings according to ASTM D-2466 & 2467
  • NAMAT CPVC Sch80 fittings according to ASTM F437 & F439
  • NAMAT Soil, waste, and drainage fittings according to ISO 3633 & ISO 4435 which complies with SASO 1397 & 1399 in orange-brown color RAL 8023
  • NAMAT PVC & CPVC Brass insert fittings

Imported PVC, CPVC, and HDPE Fittings


  • ASTM Sch40 & Sch80 from IPEX –USA
  • ASTM Sch80 from Spears –USA
  • Fabricated large bore fittings from Plastinitics –USA
  • Terra Cotta drainage from DYKA –Holland
  • Drainage solvent welded fittings from Girpi –France
  • Pressure metric solvent weld fittings from FIP –Italy
  • PVC DWV fittings from charlotte –USA
  • HDPE electro-fusion fittings and valves from Friatec –Germany
  • HDPE butt-welding fittings from Baenninger -Germany
  • UL electrical fittings and spacers from Carlton –USA
  • UL electrical fittings and spacers from IPEX –USA
  • UL spacers from CAL AM – USA

Accessories for water network

  • Solvent Cements, primers, and cleaners from IPS (Weld-On) and Henkel (Tangit)
  • DCI valves, fire hydrant, and project accessories from Tyco/Bayard -France
  • Water meter boxes from ford -USA
  • Tapping saddles and house connection accessories from Tyco/Talbot –UK
  • Indicator plates from Frankin Plastic –Germany
  • PVC & CPVC valves from Spears-Hayward –USA
  • PVC & CPVC valves from Praher –Austria
  • PVC & CPVC valves from FIP –Italy

Telecommunication Ducts

  • Corrugated Optic Ducts (COD) for Fiber Optic and power cables
  • Small Diameter HDPE ducts for Fiber Optic per STC, Mobily, and Zain specs

 Waste Management Products

Food waste disposals for residential and commercial applications from In-Sink-Erator -USA