Corrugated Optic Ducts – COD

Corrugated Optic Duct (COD) manufactured by NEPROPLAST is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) flexible ducting product for the use of telecommunication and underground power cable infrastructure installations. The unique advantage of COD over any other HDPE product it is comprised of multiple sub-ducts encompassed by a flexible outer corrugated duct. The inner sub-ducts and outer duct are manufactured and integrated together at the factory for extended lengths up to 1000 meters. The COD provides a superior tensile strength, flexibility, and ease of installation. The COD is a proven high-performance product with almost 2,000,000 kilometers currently in use around the world. COD offers a number of standard designs up to 5 inner sub-ducts. The HDPE inner sub-ducts are coated with silicon layer to reduce the friction during the insertion of the fiber optics cable.

Model & Dimensions of COD

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